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Year Clash Country Sounds
1974 Emperor Faith vs Arrows Jamaica Emperor Faith, Arrows
1979 Coxsone vs Mambasso Jamaica Coxsone, Mambasso
1980 Sir Coxsone vs Ray Symbolic Jamaica Coxsone, Ray Symbolic
1982 King Tubbys Vs Nasty Rockers Jamaica King Tubbys, Nasty Rockers
1983 Saxon vs Metro Media UK Saxon, Metro Media
1983 Saxon vs Jungleman UK Saxon, Jungleman
1983 Saxon Vs Jamdown Rockers Vs Frontline Jamaica Saxon, Jamdown Rockers, Frontline
1983 Saxon vs Ghettotone Jamaica Saxon, Ghettotone
1983 Saxon vs Gemini Jamaica Saxon, Gemini
1983 Coxsone vs Highteus vs Jah Shaka Jamaica Coxsone, Highteus, Jah Shaka
1983 Volcano vs Black Ghetto 83 Jamaica Volcano, Black Ghetto
1984 Coxsone vs Metromedia UK Coxsone, Metromedia
1984 Coxsone vs Exodus vs Hawkeye UK Coxsone, Exodus, Hawkeye
1984 Cosmic Force vs Metromedia 84 Jamaica Cosmic Force, Metromedia
1984 Blackstars vs Arrows Jamaica Blackstars, Arrows
1985 Saxon vs Java UK Saxon, Java
1985 Coxsone vs Unity UK Coxsone, Unity
1985 Coxsone vs Saxon UK Coxsone, Saxon
1985 Coxsone vs Jamdown UK Coxsone, Jamdown
1985 Coxsone vs Jah Revelation UK Coxsone, Jah Revelation
1985 Saxon vs Young Lion UK Saxon, Young Lion
1985 Saxon vs Third World USA Saxon, Third World
1985 Studio 54 vs Youth Promotion Jamaica Studio 54, Youth Promotion
1985 Black Star vs Torpedo Jamaica Black Star, Torpedo
1985 Saxon vs Jaro vs Unity 1985 UK Saxon, Jaro, Unity
1985 Saxon vs Third World USA Saxon, Papa Levi, Tippa Irie, Rusty, Third World, Toyan, Lee Van Cleef, Johnny Ringo, Charlie Chaplin
1986 Coxsone vs Unity UK Coxsone, Unity
1986 Coxsone vs Stereo Classic vs Gemimagic UK Coxsone, Stereo Classic, Gemimagic
1986 Coxsone vs Java Brixton UK Coxsone, Java
1986 Jammys vs African Symbol Jamaica King Jammys, African Symbol
1986 Levi vs Lyrics Jamaica Levi, Lyrics
1986 King Mellow Vs. Ticka Music  jaro_roddy King Mellow Vs. Ticka Music 
1987 Killamanjaro vs Silverhawk Jamaica Killamanjaro, Silverhawk
1987 Killamanjaro vs Metro Media vs Inner City Jamaica Killamanjaro, Metro Media, Inner City
1988 King Sturgav vs GT Jamaica King Sturgav, GT
1989 Coxsone Vs Saxon Studio UK Coxsone Vs Saxon Studio - Northampton - 25 Feb 1989
1989 Coxsone vs Quantrus UK Coxsone, Quantrus
1989 Silver Hawk vs Jamrock Jamaica Silver Hawk, Jamrock
1989 Creation vs Aries Jamaica Creation, Aries
1990 King Jammys vs. Super D Jamaica King Jammys, Super D
1991 Coxsone vs Tubbys Jamaica Coxsone, Tubbys
1991 Kilamanjaro vs. King Jammys 1991 Jamaica Jaro, King Jammys
1991 Jaro vs Exodus Dub fi Dub Jamaica Jaro, Exodus
1991 Addies vs Black Scorpio Jamaica Addies, Black Scorpio
1992 Coxsone vs Love Injection UK Coxsone, Love Injection
1992 Strikeforce vs Super Saint Jamaica Strikeforce, Super Saint
1992 Metro Media vs Inner City Jamaica Metro Media, Inner City
1992 Roadstar vs Bass Odyssey Jamaica Roadstar, Bass Odyssey
1992 Killamanjaro vs Don Ruben Jamaica Jaro, Don Ruben
1992 Bodyguard vs Inner City vs Mello Tech Jamaica Bodyguard, Inner City, Mello Tech
1992 Addies vs Bodyguard USA Addies, Bodyguard
1992 Lees Unlimited vs Super D vs Stereo Vibes Canada Lee's Unlimited, Super D, Stereo Vibes
1992 Stonelove vs Killamanjaro JA Stonelove, Killamanjaro
1992 Addies vs Earthquake USA Addies, Earthquake
1992 Black kat vs Silverhawk 92 Jamaica Black Kat, Silverhawk
1992 Silverhawk vs. Stone Love Jamaica Silverhawk, Stone Love
1993 Waggy T vs Downbeat USA Waggy T, Downbeat
1993 Black Kat vs Killamanjaro USA Black Kat, Jaro
1993 Killamanjaro vs Bass Odyssey Jamaica Jaro, Bass Odyssey
1993 Inner City vs Lees Unlimited Jamaica Inner City, Lees Unlimited
1993 Emperor vs. Waggy T USA Emperor, Waggy T
1993 Bodyguard vs Waggy T USA Bodyguard, Waggy T
1993 Bodyguard vs Black Scorpio vs Masterpiece Jamaica Bodyguard, Black Scorpio, Masterpiece
1993 Earth Ruler vs Addies USA Earth Ruler, Addies
1993 Jammys vs Bodyguard Jamaica Jammys, Bodyguard
1993 Saxon vs Luv Injection UK Saxon, Luv Injection
1993 JARO vs ADDIES at Biltmore USA Killamanjaro, King Addies
1993 Addies vs Saxon in London UK Addies, Saxon
1993 Saxon Vs Studio One Jamaica Saxon, Studio One
1993 Waggy T vs Rodigan 1993 USA Waggy T, Rodigan
1993 Addies vs Crystal USA Addies, Crystal
1993 Addies vs Black Kat @ Biltmore USA Addies, Black Kat
1993 Addies vs. Black Kat @ Tilden USA Addies, Black Kat
1993 King Addies vs Supagold    King Addies vs Supagold 
1994 African Star vs Silverhawk Jamaica African Star, Silverhawk
1994 King Agony vs Jamrock 94 USA King Agony, Jamrock
1994 African Star vs Bass Odyssey Jamaica African Star, Bass Odyssey
1994 African Star vs Lees Unlimited USA African Star, Lees Unlimited
1994 African Star vs Stone Love Jamaica African Star, Stone Love
1994 African Star vs Exodus 4x4 Jamaica African Star, Exodus 4x4
1994 Clash of the Heavy Weights Canada Soul To Soul, Digital
1994 Killamanjaro vs Black Kat Jamaica Jaro, Black Kat
1994 Killamanjaro vs Super D Jamaica Jaro, Super D
1994 Killamanjaro vs Bass Odyssey Jamaica Jaro, Bass Odyssey
1994 Jamrock vs Stone Love Jamaica Jamrock, Stone Love
1994 Inner City vs Bass Odyssey vs Soul Supreme Jamaica Inner City, Bass Odyssey, Soul Supreme
1994 Inner City vs Bass Odyssey vs Susie Q Jamaica Inner City, Bass Odyssey, Susie Q
1994 Exodus vs Jaro vs Bodyguard vs Super D Jamaica Exodus Nuclear, Jaro, Bodyguard, Super D
1994 Bodyguard vs Metro Media Jamaica Bodyguard, Metro Media
1994 Bodyguard vs Black Kat Jamaica Bodyguard, Black Kat
1994 Black Kat vs King Barka Jamaica Black Kat, King Barka
1994 African Star vs Atlantic One Jamaica African Star, Atlantic One
1994 Silverhawk VS African Star Jamaica Silverhawk, African Star
1994 Gunshot Dance USA Addies, Earth Ruler
1994 King Addies vs Super D USA Addies, Super D
1994 LP vs Bodyguard USA LP, Bodyguard
1994 LP International vs Bass Odyssey USA LP, Bass Odyssey
1994 Addies VS Bass Odyssey Jamaica King Addies, Bass Odyssey
1994 The Clash Of The Century USA Addies, LP
1994 Dead Dis Time USA LP, Bass Odyssey
1994 African Star vs Bass Odyssey Jamaica African Star, Bass Odyssey
1994 Stone Love vs Turbophonic Jamaica Stone Love, Turbophonic
1995 Soul Supreme vs Bass Odyssey UK Soul Supreme, Bass Odyssey
1995 Killamanjaro vs Lexus Supreme Jamaica Killamanjaro, Lexus Supreme
1995 Killamanjaro vs Earth Ruler Jamaica Killamanjaro, Earth Ruler
1995 Bass Odyssey VS 4x4 Exodus VS Bodyguard Jamaica Bass Odyssey, 4x4 Exodus, Bodyguard
1995 Bass Odyssey VS Heatwave Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Heatwave
1995 Exodus 4x4 vs Killamanjaro Jamaica Exodus 4x4, Killamanjaro
1995 Bodyguard vs Inner City Jamaica Bodyguard, Inner City
1995 Jaro vs LP USA Jaro, LP
1995 King Addies VS 4x4 Exodus Jamaica King Addies, 4x4 Exodus
1995 Bodyguard vs Spinners Choice USA Bodyguard, Spinners Choice
1995 Jaro Vs Addies 95 Jamaica Jaro, Addies
1995 Souljah One vs Metromedia Bermuda Souljah One, Metromedia
1995 Jaro vs Coxsone vs Downbeat USA Jaro, Coxsone, Downbeat
1995 Addies Vs African Star Jamaica Addies, African Star
1995 Metromedia vs Killamanjaro Jamaica Metromedia, Jaro
1995 Real World Clash UK Kebra Negus, Addies, Saxon, Bodyguard
1995 Bodyguard vs Jaro vs Super D Jamaica Bodyguard, Jaro, Super D
1995 Addies vs African Star    Addies vs African Star 
1996 Addies vs Bodyguard vs Rodigan Jamaica King Addies, Bodyguard, David Rodigan
1996 Killamanjaro vs Travellers vs Black Kat Jamaica Jaro, Travellers, Black Kat
1996 JAPAN SOUND CLASH Japan Mighty Crown, Judgement, Rock Desire, Terminator
1996 Killamanjaro vs Platinum International Jamaica Jaro, Platinum International
1996 Turbophonic vs Killamanjaro Jamaica Turbophonic, Jaro
1996 L.P. International vs Addies USA LP, Addies
1996 Killamanjaro vs Travellers Jamaica Killamanjaro, Travellers
1996 Jaro vs Bass Odyssey USA Killamanjaro, Bass Odyssey
1996 Bodyguard vs Super D vs Inner City Jamaica Bodyguard, Super D, Inner City
1996 Killamanjaro VS Bass Odyssey Jamaica Killamanjaro, Bass Odyssey
1996 Black Kat vs Killamanjaro Jamaica Black Kat, Jaro
1996 Bass Odyssey vs Travellers Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Travellers
1996 Bass Odyssey vs Mello vs Playmate Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Mello, Playmate
1996 Bass Odyssey vs Jaro at Culture Club Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Jaro
1996 LP VS 4x4 Exodus VS Love Injection UK LP, 4x4 Exodus, Love Injection
1996 Downbeat vs Killamanjaro USA Downbeat, Jaro
1996 Black Reaction vs Killamanjaro vs Travellers Canada Black Reaction, Killamanjaro, Travellers
1996 Killamanjaro vs Poison Dart 96 Florida USA Killamanjaro, Poison Dart
1996 King Addies Vs. Bass Odyssey in Toronto     King Addies Vs. Bass Odyssey
1996 War in Osaka Osaka Mighty Crown vs Judgement vs Rock Desire vs Terminator in
1997 Playbwoy vs Soul Supreme Bermuda Playbwoy, Soul Supreme
1997 Killamanjaro vs Soul Supreme Jamaica Killamanjaro, Soul Supreme
1997 Killamanjaro vs Soul Express vs Storm Force Jamaica Jaro, Soul Express, Storm Force
1997 Killamanjaro vs Love Injection UK Jaro, Love Injection
1997 Killamanjaro vs Bodyguard vs Pieces Jamaica Killamanjaro, Bodyguard, Pieces
1997 Mighty Crown vs Legacy USA Mighty Crown, Legacy
1997 Turbophonic vs Black Kat Jamaica Turbophonic, Black Kat
1997 Black Kat vs Bass Odyssey vs Metromedia Jamaica Black Kat, Bass Odyssey, Metromedia
1997 Black Kat vs Killamanjaro Jamaica Black Kat, Jaro
1997 Bass Odessey vs Soul Supreme Jamaica Bass Odessey, Soul Supreme
1997 JUDGEMENT DAY CLASH 97 Canada King Turbo, Super Fresh
1997 Jaro vs Travellers Jamaica Jaro, Travellers
1997 Rodigan vs. Souljah One Bermuda Rodigan, Souljah One
1997 Jamaica vs. England USA Killamanjaro, Rodigan
1997 Judgement Night UK Jaro, Rodigan
1997 Turbophonic vs. Bodyguard Jamaica Turbophonic, Bodyguard
1997 Killamanjaro vs. Turbophonic Jamaica Jaro, Turbophonic
1997 King_Addies_vs_Black_kat   King_Addies_vs_Black_kat
1998 Awho Name Warlord USA Jaro vs Black Kat
1998 Killamanjaro vs Delta Force USA Jaro, Delta Force
1998 Bodyguard vs. Stone Wall Antigua Bodyguard, Stone Wall
1998 The Full Monty UK Daddy Earnie, Barry G., Chris Goldfinger, David Rodigan
1998 Revival WC 1998 Jamaica Gemini, Downbeat, Coxsone, Rodigan
1998 Addies vs Bodyguard USA King Addies, Bodyguard
1998 Killamanjaro vs Pieces Jamaica Killamanjaro, Pieces
1998 Killamanjaro vs Superfresh vs Soul Supreme Canada Killamanjaro, Super Fresh, Soul Supreme
1998 Killamanjaro vs Delta Force USA Killamanjaro, Delta Force
1998 Earth Ruler Vs Killamanjaro Jamaica Earth Ruler, Killamanjaro
1998 World Clash NY 98 USA Jaro, Downbeat, Coxsone
1998 Rodigan VS Love Injection UK Rodigan, Love Injection
1998 Mi Cant Believe Mi Eyes USA Bodyguard, Bass Odyssey
1998 Killamanjaro vs Caveman Jamaica Jaro, Caveman
1998 Revival World Cup 1998 UK Gemini, Downbeat, Coxsone, Rodigan
1998 Fire Links vs. Matterhorn Bermuda Matterhorn, Firelinks
1998 bodyguard vs poison dart     
1999 Rodigan vs Metromedia USA Rodigan, Metromedia
1999 Strike Force vs Megamuss Jamaica Strike Force vs Megamuss
1999 Blunt Posse vs Little Rock USA Blunt Posse, Little Rock
1999 Death Before Dishonor USA Bass Odyssey, David Rodigan
1999 Bass Odyssey vs Black Kat USA Bass Odyssey, Black Kat
1999 Bass Odyssey vs Black Kat Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Black Kat
1999 Foundation World War 2000 USA Sir Coxsone, Downbeat, Mighty Crown
1999 Katarock vs. Poison Dart Bermuda Katarock, Poison Dart
1999 World War 2000 USA Mighty Crown, Bass Odyssey, Coxsone
1999 Bass Odyssey vs Katarock Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Katarock
1999 Clash Of The War Lords USA Bass Odyssey, Poison Dart, Katarock
1999 Mortal Clash Bermuda Jaro, Katarock
1999 World Dance 99 Canada Bass Odyssey, Judgement, Superfresh
1999 Global Gold Cup Soundsplash 99 UK Bass Odyssey, Lord Gelly's, Judgement, Love Injection, LP
1999 Warlords On A Rampage USA Bass Odyssey, Black Kat, Katarock
1999 Lords Of The Warriors USA Mighty Crown, Little Rock
1999 Bodyguard vs Little Rock USA Bodyguard, Little Rock
1999 Rodigan vs Bodyguard Bermuda Rodigan, Bodyguard
1999 World Championship USA Killamanjaro, LP, Poison Dart
1999 Look Into My Eyes Its A Clash You See USA Addies, Katarock
1999 Killamanjaro vs Katarock Jamaica Killamanjaro, Katarock
1999 Clash Of The Millennium JA Rodigan, GT Taylor
1999 The Good The Bad The Merciless USA Jaro, Matterhorn, Adonai
1999 Dubwar Coxsone Vs. Quaker City    
2000 Killamanjaro vs Katarock Jamaica Killamanjaro, Katarock
2000 King Addies vs Jah Creation Jamaica King Addies, Jah Creation
2000 Jah Creation vs Stone Love Jamaica Jah Creation, Stone Love
2000 Bass Odyssey vs Jah Creation Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Jah Creation
2000 Death In The Arena USA Mighty Crown, David Rodigan
2000 Champions In Action USA Killamanjaro, Mighty Crown
2000 Frontline Clash Jamaica Stone Love, Bodyguard, Rodigan
2000 Hardcore at Pats Lawn Jamaica Stone Love, Metro Media, Bodyguard, Nitro
2000 Warlords Unsensored USA Mighty Crown, Black Kat
2000 Antigua World Clash Antigua Matterhorn, Bass Odyssey, Stone Wall, Stereo Choice
2000 Warrr Survival Of The Fittest USA Fire Links, Black Kat
2000 Stone Love vs Turbophonic Rematch Jamaica Stone Love, Turbophonic
2000 Biggest Soundclash Ever USA King Addies, Bass Odyssey
2000 Mortal Kombat Bermuda Playbwoy, OGS Genesis
2000 Clash 2000 USA Rodigan, Bass Odyssey
2000 Mighty Crown vs OGS Genesis Bermuda Mighty Crown, OGS Genesis
2000 3 The Hard Way Jamaica Killamanjaro, Fire Links, Katarock
2000 Where Will The Trophy Go USA Mighty Crown, David Rodigan
2000 Love Injection VS Judgement UK Love Injection, Judgement
2000 Warefare 2000 USA Bass Odyssey, Fire Links, Matterhorn
2000 Downbeat VS Cave Man Jamaica Downbeat, Cave Man
2000 The Settlement Of Arguments USA Addies, Bodyguard, Bass Odyssey
2000 Killamanjaro VS Mighty Crown USA Killamanjaro, Mighty Crown
2000 The Fight For New York USA Bass Odyssey, Matterhorn
2000 War 2000 USA Fire Links, Matterhorn, Bass Odyssey, Black Kat
2000 No More Long Argument USA Fire Links, Matterhorn
2000 Reggae Summer 2000 Soundclash Germany Soundquake, Pow Pow
2000 Downbeat vs. Katarock Jamaica Downbeat, Katarock
2000 War in Amazura (New York)   Mighty Crown Vs David Rodigan
2000 Foundation World War   Coxsone V Downbeat V Mighty Crown
2000 Top a top clash Boston Foundation World War Coxsone V Downbeat V Mighty Crown
2000  Tune fi Tune    history radio clash Baby g vs Rodigan
2001 Rumors of War 2K1 Jamaica Jaro, Mighty Crown, Black Kat, Matterhorn
2001 Uptown Clash Jamaica DJ Karim, Coppershot
2001 Sound Wars Part One Jamaica Jah Creation, Killamanjaro
2001 Mighty Crown vs. Playbwoy Bermuda Mighty Crown, Playbwoy
2001 Who A De Real Big Man USA Killamanjaro, Mighty Crown, Little Rock, Redi 2 Roc
2001 Antigua World Clash Antigua Matterhorn, Poison Dart, Mighty Crown, Stereo Choice, Fire Links
2001 Time To Settle Di Score Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Mighty Crown
2001 Survivor 2001 USA Sound Trooper, Bass Odyssey
2001 Get To The Point Sound Fi Dead USA Fire Links, Killamanjaro
2001 War Duel To The Death Jamaica Fire Links, Black Kat
2001 One Sound Will Die USA Mighty Crown, Poison Dart
2001 Trillenium Clash USA Fire Links, Bass Odyssey
2001 Uprising Jamaica Killamanjaro, David Rodigan
2001 Dancehall Kings In Action Jamaica Fire Links, Rodigan, Jah Creation
2001 War In The East USA Killamanjaro, Twin Tower, Black Kat, Poison Dart
2001 War In The Gulf Jamaica Bodyguard, Jah Creation
2001 One Love vs Stand Tall Italy One Love, Stand Tall
2001 European Link Up Germany Runn Sound, Soul Stereo, Bass Fi Mass, Far West, Small Axe, King Tubbys
2001 Musical Shootout USA Mighty Crown, Matterhorn, Black Kat, Katarock, Little Rock
2001 Time To Get Serious Italy Soundquake, Kalyweed
2001 Hell Of War Jamaica Sound Trooper, Black Kat
2001 Clash Of The Warriors USA Sound Trooper, Black Kat, Little Rock
2001 Big Clash Jamaica Killamanjaro, Fire Links
2001 A War Is Going On USA Blunt Posse, Fire Links
2001 Kill Or Be Killed Germany Supersonic, Sentinel, Budadub, Wadada
2001 Black Kat vs. Bass Odyssey Jamaica Black Kat, Bass Odyssey
2001  45 SHOOTOUT    Raw Deal Vs. Bass Odyssey Vs. Stone Love Vs. Mighty Crown
2002 Souljah One vs Rebeltone Bermuda Souljah One, Rebeltone
2002 Rodigan vs GT UK Rodigan, GT
2002 Warlord Vs Black Kat Jamaica Warlord, Black Kat
2002 Plus USA Matterhorn, Black Chiney
2002 X-T-C 4x4 vs Immortal Sound UK X-T-C 4x4, Immortal Sound
2002 Biltmore Cup Clash USA Earth Ruler, LP, Bass Odyssey
2002 East vs West (Tag Team Clash) Jamaica Sound Trooper, Jaro, Electroforce, Tick A Muzik
2002 Big Sound Clash 2002 Germany Jaro, Pow Pow
2002 Shizzle Ma Nizzle Jamaica Jaro, Fire Links
2002 Face Off 2K2 - The Settlement USA Bass Odyssey, Mighty Crown
2002 Road To World Clash Canada Rebel Tone, King Attarney, Magnum Force, Diplomat, Desert Storm, Black Melody, Glamour Tone, Star Trek
2002 UK Cup Soundclash UK Mighty Crown, Rodigan, Will Power, Luv Injection
2002 Euro Clash Germany Pow Pow, One Love
2002 Showdown Downtown USA Jaro, Saxon, Downbeat, Bodyguard
2002 Double Trouble (England vs Jamaica) USA Rodigan, Stone Love
2002 Anything Ah Anything USA Blunt Posse, Sound Trooper, Black Kat
2002 Global Clash 2K2 USA Mighty Crown, Earthruler, Black Kat, King Agony, Poison Dart, Desert Storm
2003 Jaro vs True Love Jamaica Killamanjaro, True Love
2003 Clash of the Giants Germany Barney Millah, Admiral Tuff, Stefan
2003 Rootsman vs Downbeat France Rootsman, Downbeat
2003 Trooper vs X-T-C Jamaica Trooper, X-T-C 4x4
2003 Da Showdown Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Tony Matterhorn, Total Eclipse
2003 Raw Sound Clash Canada Bass Odyssey, Rebel Tone, King Turbo, Little Thunder
2003 Jaro Vs Q45 Jamaica Jaro, Q45
2003 Stone Wall vs Poison Dart Antigua Stone Wall, Poison Dart
2003 Bass Odyssey vs Q45 Jamaica Bass Odyssey, Q45
2003 Heartical vs Runn Sound Belgium Heartical, Runn Sound
2003 War Inna Di City Germany Sentinel, Mighty Stallion
2003 Who Rule The Holy Mountain Jamaica Turboforce, Sentinel
2003 Riddim Clash 2003 Germany Black Kat, Downbeat, Jaro, Sentinel
2003 Mortal Kombat USA Jaro, Bass Odyssey
2003 Clash Of The Titans Jamaica Black Kat, Jaro
2003 Rhythm 365 Radio Clash UK Downbeat, Black Scorpio
2003 The Fight For Glory Germany Supersonic, Soundquake
2003 Bronx Showdown 2003 USA Blunt Posse, Stonewall, Moziah Goldstar, Up To Date, Black Magic
2003 Mental Clash Japan Matterhorn, Sound Trooper, Black Kat
2003 International Soundclash Italy Kalyweed, Rootsman
2003 LP vs. Earthruler USA LP, Earthruler
2003 Matsimela vs. Black Kat USA Matsimela, Black Kat
2003 Rumble in New York USA Bass Odyssey, Stone Love, Raw Deal, Mighty Crown
2004 Showgeki Sound Clash Japan Red Spider, Independent, Infinity 16
2004 All Out 2K4 USA LP Intl, Nexxt Level, Blunt Posse, Stainless
2004 No Mercy 2K4 Canada Rootsman, Sniper, Eclipse, Diplomat
2004 Soul Stereo vs Heartical France Soul Stereo, Heartical
2004 Black Swan Clash UK Willpowa, Black Kat
2004 Chiwuawua vs Mighty Crown vs Rebel Tone Canada Chiwuawua, Mighty Crown, Rebel Tone
2004 Sound Trooper vs Dynamite USA Sound Trooper, Dynamite
2004 Real War Jamaica Sound Trooper, Black Kat
2004 War 2K4 USA Black Kat, LP
2004 Universal 45 Clash Germany Freddy Krueger, Dreadbeat, Supersonic, Jah Sound
2004 Behind Enemy Line USA Sound Trooper, Poison Dart
2004 The Real Foundation War France Downbeat, Rootsman
2004 No Retreat No Surrender USA Black Kat, Poison Dart
2004 International Clash Italy Gramigna, Sentinel
2004 African Cup 2k4 Canada Black Kat, Shashamane, King Turbo, Rebel Tone, Desert Storm
2004 Warr - Boom A Drop Jamaica 4x4 Exodus, Black Kat
2004 911 - Judgement Day Clash USA Blunt Posse, Black Kat, Sound Trooper, Stonewall
2004 Riddim Clash 2004 Germany Supersonic, One Love, Sound Trooper, Freddy Krueger
2004 The King Of New York USA LP, Young Hawk, Stainless, Earthruler
2004 Champions Clash Germany Soundquake, Sentinel
2004 Winner Takes It All UK Immortal, Will Power, Classique, Ghetto Genius, King Tubby's, Jahman
2004 Rumours Of War (T&T) Trinidad Matterhorn, Mighty Crown
2004 War In A Di City USA Sound Trooper, King Agony
2004 LP vs. Star Temple USA LP, Star Temple
2004 Real Champion USA Black Kat, One Love
2004  World Clash 45time   2004 - World Clash 45t
2004 Clash inna Milano Italy One Love vs Kaliweed
2005 Tek 9 VS King Fila NYC 05 USA Tek 9, King Fila
2005 Lord of De Ringz Bermuda Stalwart, Desert Eagle, Genesis
2005 Flip Pon Dem Bermuda Souljah One, Genesis
2005 Soundclash Time Again Germany Budadub, Gramigna, Stalwart
2005 Mighty Crown vs Black Kat USA Mighty Crown, Black Kat
2005 Final Mission USA Black Chiney, Supertwitch
2005 Canada Aftershock Canada Earth Ruler, Rootsman, Blunt Posse, King Turbo
2005 Aftershock 2k5 USA Top Knotch, Brimstone, Tek-9, King Turbo, Blunt Posse, Earth Ruler
2005 Clash Of The Century USA Mighty Crown, LP
2005 Gulf War 2k5 USA Mikey Faith, Matsimela, Madd Squad, Sashamane
2005 History Clash Jamaica Stone Love, David Rodigan
2005 Orlando 45 Clash USA Ghetto Rock, Goldstar, Venom, King Ramsey, Jam Zone, Black Culture
2005 Sound Crush Japan Body Blow, In The Mood, Father G.
2005 War Of The Worlds USA LP, Sashamane, Blunt Posse
2005 LA Rumble 2K5 USA TnT, JFX, Terror X, Stout Style
2005 Boston Forward Clash 2K5 USA Websites, Satellite, Generationz
2005 Ring De Alarm UK Saxon, Jaro
2005 Fitness Sound Clash 2K5 Canada Studio Mixx, Starkade, Lexus Supreme, Super Fresh, Radication
2005 The Face Off Jamaica Sound Trooper, Mighty Crown
2005 War Time - The Battle For DC USA Sound Trooper, Raw Deal, Emperor
2005 King Of The U.S.A. USA LP, Blunt Posse, Innocent, Poison Dart, Black Rose
2005 Riddim Clash 2005 Germany Supersonic, LP, Immortal, Caveman
2005 No Retreat No Surrender USA Blunt Posse, Mighty Crown
2005 Cyclone 2005 Bermuda Rodigan, Matterhorn
2005 Clash Of The Titans Pt. 2 Canada Jaro, King Turbo, Super Fresh
2005 Settlement Of The Argument Canada Sound Trooper, King Klepto, Jaro
2005 Canada World Clash   2005 - Canada World Clash
2005 World Clash NYC    2005 - World Clash NYC - Immortal, Bass Odyssey, Black Kat, Desert Storm, Sentinel, Mighty Crown
2005 General Palma VS I-Shence    General Palma VS I-Shence 
2005 Top a top International clash   Gramingnia VS Sentinel Sound 
2006 REGGAE REVIVAL France LP International, Guiding Star
2006 Judgement Bermuda Souljah One, Bass Odyssey
2006 Universal Clash Germany Sound Trooper, David Rodigan
2006 V Rocket vs Unity USA V Rocket, Unity
2006 Kill or be Killed Jamaica Black Kat, Silver Star, Hype Zone
2006 Bronx Face Off USA Hitmatic, Super Gold, Tri-Star, Camouflage, King Millenium, Tek 9
2006 45 BLAZE OUT Canada Desert Storm, Lindo P, Rebel Tone
2006 War Of The Worlds Canada Black Kat, King Turbo, Super Fresh, Desert Storm
2006 New Jersey World Cup Clash USA Black kat, Twin Tower Cyndikit
2006 Done Dem Bloodclot Antigua Souljah One, Poiston Dart
2006 Rootsman vs Heartical Germany Heartical, Rootsman
2006 Tek 9 vs Yellow Force USA Tek 9, Yellow Force, Solomonic, Stereo Choice
2006 Sound Boys Burial 2006 Begium Ivory Sound, Boom A Ranks
2006 Super Gold vs Mello Vibes vs Blunt Posse USA Super Gold, Mello Vibes, Blunt Posse
2006 Riddim Clash Germany Bass Odyssey, LP, Rodigan
2006 Stone Love vs David Rodigan Jamaica Stone Love, Rodigan
2006 Welcome 2 Soundclash Geneva Ruff Pack, X-t-c 4x4
2006 Great Lakes Faceoff USA Roots Rock, Echo Sounds, Vybz Machine, Star Temple
2006 Caribbean Cup Clash Antigua King Animosity, Synemax, Wardadli
2006 Foreign Invasion Antigua Sound Trooper, Blunt Posse
2006 Blunt Posse Vs King Addies USA Blunt Posse, Addies
2006 April Worst 2K6 Antigua King Millenium, Wardadli Souljahs, Poison Dart
2006 How The West Was Won St Croix King Animosity, Green Lion
2006 Who Have The Talk USA Justice, Onkore, Bass Odyssey, Black Kat
2006 Bronx vs Brooklyn 2K6 USA Blunt Posse, Black Terror, Earth Ruler, Tec-9
2006 The Father Of All Clashes USA Downbeat, Rodigan
2006 The Reign Of The Godfathers UK Downbeat, Rodigan
2006 Boston Forward Clash 2K6 USA Generationz, Itation, Earth Force, Stout Style
2006 Notorious Clash USA Sound Trooper, Synemax, Glamma G, Young Hawk
2006 The King Of Brooklyn USA Addies, LP, Earthruler
2006 Africa Soundclash Kenya Supersonic, LP, King Turbo, Shashamane
2006 Zero Mercy 2K6 St Thomas Wardadli, King Animosity
2006 European Sound Contest 2K6 France Ruffpack, Tribulation, Far West Crew, Vibes so Nice
2006 Brooklyn 45 Shootout USA Hyperactive, King Tribes, Young Fila, Flatbush Thrillaz, Diamond Touch, Nexxt Generation
2006 Euro Sound War Germany Gramigna, Immortal, Soundquake, Freddy Krueger
2006 X-T-C 4x4 vs Apocalypse UK X-T-C 4x4, Apocalypse
2006 Who Rule The Border Jamaica Sound Trooper, Love Symbol
2006 Mission To Seek & Destroy Canada Black Kat, Studio Mixx
2006 1st International Geneva Cup Clash Switzerland Soundquake, One Love, Topaz
2006 Vengeance - The Ultimate Battle Jamaica Sound Trooper, Black Kat, Bass Odyssey
2006 The Beast Bermuda Rodigan, Souljah One, Blunt Possee
2006 War Of The Warriors (Tag Team Clash) UK Rodigan, Luv Injection, Matterhorn, Mighty Crown
2006 V.I. Cup Clash 2006 Tortola King Animosity, Youth Vibes, Turbo Sound, Brown Man
2006 Sniper vs. Desert Storm Canada Sniper, Desert Storm
2006 Heartical vs. Supersonic France Heartical, Supersonic
2006 Trooper vs. Synemax Jamaica Trooper, Synemax
2006 Art of War 2K6 Canada Yuletide Powa, Black Pantha, Super Gold, Outlaw Intl
2006 Supersonic vs. One Love France Supersonic, One Love
2006 Fareast_Xmas_war   I-Shence, Godzilla, Villa ada
2006 45clash_hamburg massaya,kanga roots,soulfire   45clash_hamburg_11.11.06_massaya,kanga roots,soulfire
2006 Top Top clash BRANCALEONE  Italy dancehallSoldier vs busf fire
2006 Revolution vs Supergold   Revolution vs Supergold
2007 Wardadli Souljahs vs Generationz USA Wardadli Souljahs, Generationz
2007 Back To Basics Aug 07 USA Rootsman, Super Gold, Camoflauge
2007 Blackstar VS Count Bassie 84 JAMAICA Blackstar, Count Bassie
2007 King Alloy vs. Stereo Classic 87 ENGLAND ALLOY, STEREO CLASSIC
2007 FULL CLIP STUTTGART 07 GERMANY Rollin Tone, Soundbless, Firestorm, Conqueraw
2007 New York vs Florida 2K7 USA Jah Cuban, Tek 9, Poison Dart, King Agony
2007 Tag Team Canada II 2007 Canada King Turbo, Studio Mixx, King Addies, Mighty Crown
2007 Back To Basics NY July 07 USA Blunt Posse, Tek 9, Generationz
2007 King Addies vs Downbeat 07 USA King Addies, Downbeat
2007 SENTINEL VS. TROOPER VIDEO USA Sentinel, Sound Trooper
2007 Gulf War 2007 USA Shashamane, Trooper, Outlaw, Famous Squad
2007 Revolution VS. Super Gold Philly Clash 2007 USA Revolution, Super Gold
2007 TRI STATE SOUND CLASH 07 USA Madd Squad, Super Gold, Tek 9
2007 LA RUMBLE 2007 USA Jah Warrior Shelter, Revelation, Killa Face Sound
2007 History Clash 2K7 Jamaica Jaro, King Jammy, Black Scorpio
2007 Yard Clash 07 Germany Civalizee, Warrior, Budadub
2007 No Apology Antigua Poison Dart, Black Kat
2007 Wardadli vs Sound Envy Antigua Wardadli, Sound Envy
2007 Battle Royal Soundclash France Civalizee Foundation, Guiding Star
2007 Philly Soundclash May 07 USA Stalwart, Solomonic
2007 Stonewall vs Stereo 5 Antigua Stonewall, Stereo 5
2007 Bass Odyssey vs Stonewall Antigua Bass Odyssey, Stonewall
2007 Antigua Showdown 2K7 Antigua King Warrior, Rapture, Exile One, Envy, Baby Cannabis, Altitude, Alcatraz, Gumption, Sound Irie, Revolution
2007 Rumble 2K7 USA Blunt Posse, Riddim Force, Tek 9
2007 One Shot One King Italy Heavy Hammer, Love Massive
2007 How The West Was Won USA DJ JFX, DJ Hype, Lonestar
2007 Philly Soundclash USA Lexus Superior, First Class
2007 War Inna De East 2K7 Holland Supersonic, Soundquake
2007 Crown The King Antigua King Animosity, Tek-9
2007 Blunt vs Trooper AUDIO USA Blunt Posse, Sound Trooper
2007 Black Kat vs Synemaxx Jamaica Black Kat, Synemaxx
2007 Blunt vs Trooper DVD USA Blunt Posse, Sound Trooper
2007 Supersonic vs Young Hawk Germany Supersonic, Young Hawk
2007 Di Agony Bermuda Souljah One, Playbwoy, Legacy, OGS Genesis
2007 Spanish 45 Shootout Spain Pon Top, Fire Warriors
2007 LUV INJECTION vs HEARTICAL Switzerland Luv Injection, Heartical
2007 Camouflage vs. Generationz USA Camouflage, Generationz
2007 Kik Dem Up Bermuda OGS Genesis, Triple Platinum, Ruff Cut
2007 heidleberg-heartical vs rootsman Heidleberg 2007 heidleberg-heartical vs rootsman
2007 Catanzaro clash   Kalibandulnu vs Bush fire
Year Title Description  
1975 Cornerhouse Classics  meet's Jayman  
1975 Bob Marley & Peter Tosh Live Wonder Dream Concert (4.10.75)  
1975 King Attorney   live in Samspade  
1975 Prince Jammy     
1977 Channel One    
1978 Stero Phonics  UU Madoo, General Echo, Papa Flux  
1979 Bob Marley - The Heathen  Nassau, Bahamas (December 15, 1979)  
1979 Redman    
1979 Soul to Soul     
1979 Stereophonic     
1979 Stereo Mars    
1980 Bob Marley  Live @ Stadio San Siro, Milano- 1980-06-27   
1980 King Jammys ls Spinners Choice    
1980 Stereo Mars    
1981 Gemini    
1981 Gemini Hi FI at Enid Anglin Community Centre  
1981 Gemini    
1981 Stur Gav  Willie Wiliam's,Josey Wayles, Charlie Chaplin  
1981 Stereograph Josey_Wales_Charlie_Chaplin  
1982 Aces international  Eek a mouse, Burro Banton, Yellowman  
1982 Java Hi Powa    
1982 Saxon Studio International     
1983 Gemini    
1983 KillamanJaro Early B, Super Cat, Puddy Roots, Hopeton James, Little Twitch  
1983 Saxon    
1983 TicATone Samspade    
1983 Volcano Sound  at UP Park camp   
1984 Arrows Hi Fi Stand Pipe Lawn    
1984 Downbeat     
1984 Gemini Hi Fi at Gemini Club  
1984 Saxon Studio International Nottingham Palais     
1984 Volcano     
1984 Volcano Hi Power at Montego Bay   
1984 Young Lion reading    
1984 Jaro ls Jahlove skateland    
1984 KING JAMMYS      
1985 Black Scorpio vs Blackstar     
1985 black scorpio vs jammys waltham park    
1985 GT vs Jaro  Professor Nuts, Yellow Man, General Trees, Major Worries, Echo Minott, Johnny Ringo, Nitty Gritty, Shuku Shine, John Wayne, Tenor Saw  
1985 Killamanjaro Late  Early-B, Super-Cat, U-Mado,o Litttle Twitch, Michale Palmer, Burro Banton   
1985 King Jammys Sandy Bay, Lucea, Hanover     
1985 King Sturgav  Josey Wales, Uroy  
1985 Sturmar_roots_spanish_town    
1986 KillamanJaro    
1986 Saxon Simeon, Rusty, Tipper Irie, Papa Levi, Junior San, Daddy San  
1986 Sir Coxsone vs Stereoclassic & Gemi Magic Dalston     
1986 Stur Gav    
1986 Taurus hi fi brixton  Junior Cat & Junior Demus  Skyjuice  
1986 Tribute to Early B Jaro feat…  
1986 Unity Hi Power  Super Cat, Jr Frass, Demon Rock, Little Twitch, Nicodemus, Michael Palmer, Culture  
1987 Bunny Wailer  Sunsplash 1987   
1987 Mello Tone hi-power     
1988 Creation Sound 1988 Papa San Squeechy (trooper) Horace Ferguson Lecturer Preacher  
1988 Downbeat  vs Jammys vs Stereo one  Lecturer, Supercat, Professor nuts, Dominic  
1988 KillamanJaro    
1988 Killamanjaro vs Sturmars & Stone Love     
1988 Saxon ls Java    
1989 Addies, Firgo kingkustom    
1989 Firgo Digital  ls Skullman  Dirts man, Papa San, Dirts Man, Mikey Melody, Junior Demus, Wayne Wonder, Plyers, Pinchers, Donte-1  
1989 Unity v Java v Sir Coxsone London     
1989 Downbeat x Biltmore  Nicodemus, Super Cat, Tonto Irie, Frankie Paul, Joe Lickshot, Early B, Jim Brown, Lyrical  
1989 Youthman Promotion  Tenor Saw, Sugar Minott, Color Man, Cutty Ranks, Juior Reid, Charlie Chaplin.RASMUZIK  
1991 Afrique Sound    
1991 Youthman Promotion  Daddy Irie, Macka P, Nicodemus, Blaka T, Daddy Ashman, Thriller, Jah Mikey, Hugh Griffths, Don Angelo  
1992 Silverhawk ls. Stone Love     
1993 SAXON ls STUDIO 1     
1994 Bodyguard, Jaro      
1995 Jaro ls Addies    
1997 Stone Love ls Afrique     
1997 King Addies ls Bass odyssey  miami    
1998 Gemini, Downbeat, Coxsone, Rodigan    
1998 Killamanjaro Bebos Lawn Tavern Kingston     
1998 killamanjaro_healing_of_the_nation_kingston Buju_Josey wales_Briggy_Rankin trevor_ junior reid, jah cure,, Burro, john holt, Barkeywickerman, Round head, Ghost  
1999 KillamanJaro Anniversary    
1999 Stone Love, Metromedia, Sky Disco birthday bash    
2000 Stonelove ish from Washinton D.C. area     
2001 One Love Hi Pawa LS Saxon Sound     
2001 STONELOVE_live in brixton_2001    
2002 Black_chiney_Stone_Love_renaissance_    
2002 Downbeat 2002  vs Sturgav  Ranking Joe, Briggy, Sammy Dread, Josey, Mikey Jarett, Jr Demus, Charlie Chaplin  
2002 Stone Love    
2004 bass oddyssey  in old harbor  
2004 Bounty Killa  live inna N.Y.   
2004 Rebel Salute Buju Banton,Sizzla, Capleton  
2004 Stur Gav in st Mary    
2005 Avalanche  Cutty Ranks  
2005 BassOdyssey dance 2005    
2005 Gentleman Vs Capleton    
2005 i rise hearticalsoundlive_foudation    
2005 Black Chiney - Berlin Germany     
2005 Trooper & Firehouse    
2006 AtmosphereXG 2006    
2006 Bounty Killa   in asylum 2006  
2006 KillamanJaro ls Lp    
2006 One Love bitrhday bash Pow Pow, Bass Odisssey     
2006 Sentinel lgs Mighty Crown  Zollamt, Stuttgart  
2006 Stone_Love in_Mandeville  
2006 Summerjam_Samstag  Pow Pow_MassiveB_Sentinel  
2006 Stone_Love-rory_unplugged    
2007 Jah Cure Live Holland  08/12/2007  
2007 Sentinel_8Yr_Anniversary Supersonic_Shashamane_and_Addies_Hifi  
2007 Stereo Matic Sounds Jr.Demus     
2007 Stone_Love_Champagne_Splash    
2007 Stonelove Early Juggling  at Dutty Fridays  
2007 StoneLoveRiggedyRiggedyRockBootleg    
2007 Stur Gav  inna Jam World Portmore    
2007 the_return_of_Stur_Gav    
  Channel One Sound System Notting Hill     
  Conquering lion Sound  Sanchez, Garnet Silk, Tony Rebel  
  Cosmic Force     
  Downbeat x Biltmore Lyrical Nicodemus, Super Cat, Tonto Irie, Frankie Paul, Joe Lickshot, Early B, Jim Brown,   
  Gemini  Shabba Rank's-Ninja Man  
  Johnny Ringo & Asher Senator  JA to UK MC Clash  
  Josey Wales, U-Roy in dance    
  King Stur-Gav HiFi Lee Unlimited-G-Slam    
  MetromediaHi Fi Arnett Garden    
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